Out With The Old and In With The New

Did you know that leaping from as high as 60 feet on horseback used to be an incredibly popular attraction? Now we can look at this and see how ridiculous an amusement like this was.

You may laugh almost at the ridiculousness of this popular stunt, but have you ever thought whether you are doing routine practices in your business that are actually maybe slightly dated and a bit ridiculous.

We live in a world where change happens by seconds rather than years, so maybe it’s time to stop and re-evaluate your daily business routine.

Change in business can take a lot of guts, it may even be as simple as you as a CEO are doing things in your day to day business that you don’t want to be doing and therefore can’t focus on the things you do want to do.

If you are currently considering taking a leap with your business, as your accountant we encourage you every step of the way.

Whether it be to help take some of your bookkeeping off of your hands or to advise you on your next strategic investment.

If you need help with making some changes give us a call on 0208 390 3569.


How to Build Loyalty!

How to Build Loyalty!


Business owners,

We have all been there,  how often have you heard, “I can get it cheaper down the road’ or “ABC Company charge less than that…”

If you are like me you can feel your blood boiling and sometimes rage!

Why is that?

You know what it costs to do the job right, use the right materials or products, get the best people…right, and all the overheads!

You know quality work costs you more and hence will cost your clients more!

In short, you feel commoditised,

In other words, I can get the same down the road and pay less and people seem to not care!

Or do they?

I’ve heard it said that if people are happy they will tell 3 others, if unhappy they will tell 22 people?

But, people just want to be happy!

Making a credible case for your specific product or service is about everything that happens prior to the sale. Often, small businesses think small in this particular area.

The time to think BIG is here…it’s actually never been easier or cheaper, to spread your message…getting your message clear, concise and to the point can take effort…effort invested in this will pay dividends.

Become a DREAM come TRUE for your clients, and build loyalty.

Do you do the following?

 – Blogs, with valuable interesting content
– Videos, educating your clients and prospects
– Workshops, Seminars or Talks
– Downloads for your clients to read
– Do you have a book or articles in magazines etc.?
– Testimonials: not your boring text only ones
– Before and After photos
– Do you have referral partners that recommend you?
– Do you network?
– Are you know in the community?


These tools and practices are there to help your clients, they differentiate you in a crowed market, they HELP your favourite type of clients and customers find you.

If you feel under valued, under appreciated and that your clients are sometimes not loyal, take a long look in the mirror and ask….WHY is That?

I once read, you either DIFFERENTIATE or TALK PRICE FOREVER!

Which would your prefer?

The power of developing your difference is immense, start now or get in touch to find out how we could help you…

After all we love ‘Empowering Entrepreneurs!’

Naresh Haldipur

Allans Business Growth One to One Sessions

Business & Personal Growth, the way forward!

Introducing Erkan Ali, Business Growth Specialist.

Some of you may be aware that coaching has been a main feature in our development both personally and with regard to our business. It was not this way until  Erkan Ali walked into our business and our lives back in May 2010.  This is now over 5 years ago and he has been working with us, supporting, coaching, guiding us and our practice ever since.

In that time a lot has changed:   our view of our business, the way we see clients, how we deliver our service so it can be of value to our clients beyond compliance and much, much more.  He is more than an adviser and confidante, he is our friend.

Erkan has worked with many of our clients over the past 5 years and 100’s of businesses all over the UK.  The feedback we get is always great, indeed sometimes life changing  and because of this, we have asked Erkan to be available in our office for all our clients and he said yes!


Allans Business Growth Surgery at  our offices in Surbiton.

The sessions are 45mins and are available to all our clients free of charge.  We encourage all clients to take advantage of this as you may be very surprised at the difference just 45 mins discussing your business will make.  Erkan’s style is friendly, passionate and fun!

To book a session please email:  coach@allanstheaccountants.com

To see Erkan in action, here he is in a conversation with Naresh Haldipur, Allans’ Director

More on Erkan Ali – LinkedIn Profile – https://bit.ly/erkanaliLinkedIn


Our Promise:

You will get huge value and you may see your business in a whole new light.

Our view:

Spend 45 mins with Erkan in a committed conversation discussing what is possible for you and your business, and you may never see things the same again!


Here are comments from some of our clients;

”Erkan is a treasure trove!

He’s the kind of guy that challenges you playfully and shares his wisdom with great care and generosity. He’s always got effective solutions to any kind of issue that’s surfacing within the business and it’s peripheries and he’s focused on placing you in the driving seat to get the results you truly seek.

Our journey so far with Erkan is relatively new but under his wing we are crafting a business and lifestyle that fills us with great satisfaction and abundance.

Thank you Erkan.

No other way to say it – we love you!”

Reshma & Satish Pancholi
Opticall Eyecare Ltd.


”I would recommend Erkan to anyone who wants their business to feel less like business and more like their passion”.

Kevin Lewis



”We chose Erkan due to his character, bubbling personality,  past business experiences and most importantly his true vision for IBL-UK.

The results we are getting are tremendously exciting with a real vision of direction and training taking the pressure off us, enabling us to concentrate on real business growth.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Erkan to any business on the up!”

Ian Bower

Managing Director
IBL – UK Ltd. (Now Revitaglaze Ltd)

Shishukunj – Garden of Children

Back in 2003 I ran the London marathon for a charity that I’m really passionate about – “Shishukunj” which means Garden of Children. Although it was some 8 years ago that I took part in the marathon, it seems appropriate, given the recent events in London and other major cities, to mention it now.

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