Out With The Old and In With The New

Did you know that leaping from as high as 60 feet on horseback used to be an incredibly popular attraction? Now we can look at this and see how ridiculous an amusement like this was.

You may laugh almost at the ridiculousness of this popular stunt, but have you ever thought whether you are doing routine practices in your business that are actually maybe slightly dated and a bit ridiculous.

We live in a world where change happens by seconds rather than years, so maybe it’s time to stop and re-evaluate your daily business routine.

Change in business can take a lot of guts, it may even be as simple as you as a CEO are doing things in your day to day business that you don’t want to be doing and therefore can’t focus on the things you do want to do.

If you are currently considering taking a leap with your business, as your accountant we encourage you every step of the way.

Whether it be to help take some of your bookkeeping off of your hands or to advise you on your next strategic investment.

If you need help with making some changes give us a call on 0208 390 3569.