How to Build Loyalty!

How to Build Loyalty!


Business owners,

We have all been there,  how often have you heard, “I can get it cheaper down the road’ or “ABC Company charge less than that…”

If you are like me you can feel your blood boiling and sometimes rage!

Why is that?

You know what it costs to do the job right, use the right materials or products, get the best people…right, and all the overheads!

You know quality work costs you more and hence will cost your clients more!

In short, you feel commoditised,

In other words, I can get the same down the road and pay less and people seem to not care!

Or do they?

I’ve heard it said that if people are happy they will tell 3 others, if unhappy they will tell 22 people?

But, people just want to be happy!

Making a credible case for your specific product or service is about everything that happens prior to the sale. Often, small businesses think small in this particular area.

The time to think BIG is here…it’s actually never been easier or cheaper, to spread your message…getting your message clear, concise and to the point can take effort…effort invested in this will pay dividends.

Become a DREAM come TRUE for your clients, and build loyalty.

Do you do the following?

 – Blogs, with valuable interesting content
– Videos, educating your clients and prospects
– Workshops, Seminars or Talks
– Downloads for your clients to read
– Do you have a book or articles in magazines etc.?
– Testimonials: not your boring text only ones
– Before and After photos
– Do you have referral partners that recommend you?
– Do you network?
– Are you know in the community?


These tools and practices are there to help your clients, they differentiate you in a crowed market, they HELP your favourite type of clients and customers find you.

If you feel under valued, under appreciated and that your clients are sometimes not loyal, take a long look in the mirror and ask….WHY is That?

I once read, you either DIFFERENTIATE or TALK PRICE FOREVER!

Which would your prefer?

The power of developing your difference is immense, start now or get in touch to find out how we could help you…

After all we love ‘Empowering Entrepreneurs!’

Naresh Haldipur

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