Shut Up and Listen!

The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, energy and imagination of its own people.
-Dr Ernesto Sirolli


Ernesto Sirolli (the founder of the global non profit organization the Sirolli Institute) is a globally renowned authority in the field of sustainable economic development.


After starting his aid work in Africa in the 70’s – he quickly realised how ineffective the work being done was.


In the 80’s Sirolli pioneered a unique economic development approach based on harnessing the passion, determination, intelligence and resourcefulness of the local people. “The Esperance Experience’ is now globally used as a model in more than 250 communities to put successful and effective aid work in place.


Sirolli has a simple message in the below video – ‘Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen!’.



This message is empowering to you as an entrepreneur and for us as a company – a great video to watch and definitely food for thought.