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How to Build Loyalty!

How to Build Loyalty!   Business owners, We have all been there,  how often have you heard, “I can get it cheaper down the road’ or “ABC Company charge less than that…” If you are like me you can feel your blood boiling and sometimes rage! Why is that? You know what it costs to […]

Allans Business Growth One to One Sessions

Business & Personal Growth, the way forward! Introducing Erkan Ali, Business Growth Specialist. Some of you may be aware that coaching has been a main feature in our development both personally and with regard to our business. It was not this way until  Erkan Ali walked into our business and our lives back in May […]

SHUT Up…..and Listen!

Ernesto Sirolli got his start doing aid work in Africa in the 70’s — and quickly realised how ineffective it was. Why you should listen to him: Ernesto Sirolli is a noted authority in the field of sustainable economic development and is the Founder of the Sirolli Institute, an international non-profit organization that teaches community […]

Shishukunj – Garden of Children

Back in 2003 I ran the London marathon for a charity that I’m really passionate about – “Shishukunj” which means Garden of Children. Although it was some 8 years ago that I took part in the marathon, it seems appropriate, given the recent events in London and other major cities, to mention it now.